The Steam flow meter is an applicable for measuring flow rates of saturated and superheated steam in closed conduits. It is best suited for applications where affordability, reliability and ruggedness are of prime concerns.


  • Size: 1 inch to 14 inch
  • Type of flow element: Differential flow element
  • Accuracy: ±2.5% to 3% of actual reading
  • Typical turndown: 10:3
  • Density compensation: Online monitoring and compensation of density
  • Communication protocol: MODBUS, RTU.
  • Communication port: RS485, RS232 (optional)

Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. offering the best type electromagnetic flow meter, Compact steam flow meter in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is best suited for applications where affordability,reliability are concern.

Field installation of Steam Flow Meter :-

Advantages of Steam flow meters:

• Simple and rugged.

• Good accuracy.

• Low cost.

• No calibration or re-calibration is required provided calculations, tolerances and installation comply with ISO 5167.

Disadvantages ​of​​ Steam flow meters:

• Turndown is limited to between 4:1 and 5:1 because of the square root relationship between flow and pressure drop.

• The orifice plate can buckle due to waterhammer and can block in a system that is poorly designed or installed.

• The square edge of the orifice can erode over time, particularly if the steam is wet or dirty. This will alter the characteristics of the orifice, and accuracy will be affected. Regular inspection and replacement is therefore necessary to ensure reliability and accuracy.

• The installed length of an orifice plate flowmetering system may be substantial; a minimum of 10 upstream and 5 downstream straight unobstructed pipe diameters may be needed for accuracy.

This can be difficult to achieve in compact plants. Consider a system which uses 100 mm pipework, the ß ratio is 0.7, and the layout is similar to that shown in Figure 4.3.4(b):

The upstream pipework length required would be = 36 x 0.1 m = 3.6 m

The downstream pipework length required would be = 5 x 0.1 m = 0.5 m

The total straight pipework required would be = 3.6 + 0.5 m = 4.1 m

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