Startups within the Food and Health Space who would like to participate in an awesome accelerator program in the Nordics / EU

Get on the Growth-Train – Accelerating Food & Health – Deadline 18. August 2017 (Final Deadline 1st September). 


We want to let you know that we have created an awesome program for start-ups and scale-ups within food & health sector. We really want you to be part of it so we hope you use the opportunity to apply before 18th of August and be part of our pre-screening. The official deadline is 1st of September 2017. To apply:

The Growth Train is an accelerator program open for start-ups and scale-ups from all around the world. The goal is to create a unique environment for value creation in food and health by providing excellent and unique companies and entrepreneurs access to creative work space, top international mentors, partnerships with local and global organizations and access to capital. The accelerator model is a seven week bootcamp and with six different sprints.

In short we have made a mashup of the best of accelerator programs and MBA programs focusing on growth (Accelerated growth & Sense of urgency). The kick-off is on the 13th of October and Demo day is on the 1st of December 2017. We are located in South of Denmark. The Growth Train is a unique mashup of design thinking, lean start-up and technology focus and network thinking approach. Companies will have the opportunity to stay within the campus bootcamp for seven weeks or if they have headquarters in the region they can focus on the six sprint workshops (Get on the Growth-Train).

The accelerator program takes zero equity in the businesses. For more information please visit : or reach out to me at We really hope that you will apply and take part in the revolution in the Food&Health space.

All the best,

Vikram Jayanand

India Ambassador of Growth-Train

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