Business startup needs all help, wisdom and encouragement it can get!

I am sure we all can safely assume this fact to be true universally! :-)

Well, that's precisely why I believe we should help each others startups by volunteering / mentoring a tiny little bit to whoever requests help!

I dunno any better platform for this than POCC!

Relevant to the requested help, to begin with, maybe we can :

suggest or...

Suggest a mentor
Share our experience
Share a contact
Praise a supplier/ service provider
Tell where u got a discount
Offer a temporary location
Offer your product / service free or at no profit
Request your friend to do the same or keep a minimum profit
Appreciate achievements .. A pat on the back is always welcome
Give a loan
Donate or cheap sell old pc. Pentium II laptop might not be of any use to graphic designer any more, but with new battery it can be awesome for insurance agent

Barter .. I often give services to some people to get their services. Works great many times.

if u own a restaurant encourage nearby startups use it for meetings

If you owN / have access to / are member of any facility like hall / conference room / VoIP line etc. offer it at discount

Dispose old stuff for which you no longer use / plan to use eg. My friend used to run a cafe and has coffee brewing maching lying in dust. Someone can surely do minor repairs and have that expensive machine generate profit for both.

helping to pilot test for free

be a customer!

Or if nothing else...

Just have a positive motivating talk over a cup of coffee!

May be you can come up with even more constructive ideas!

As of for me, I am eager to volunteer in all possible ways I can.

Omkar Nisal

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Hi Omkar,

This is a really good initiative. I am wondering why I did not hear of this site before. I would like to start a business soon with an aim of helping the rural crowd in India. I have some ideas but am not sure about it. Can we meet up sometime and discuss a few things.

I am into IT systems and pursuing an EX-MBA from Symbiosis. Hoping that you like my ideas.

You can get in touch with me at or 9823172522

Hello Rahul,

Surely we can meet.

And yes, this website itself is a wonderful platform to share your idea.

Dont worry, you can share your ideas publicly... ideas are plenty and I can give you 10 or 20 of them too.

Implementing them, the implementation quality, scale and speed.. that makes all the difference.


You might gain positive and MORE IMPORTANTLY a negative feedback from online community on your ideas too!

And that can save your years of efforts and most probably yours (and your financer's) hard earned money too!


I love to meet entrepreneurs, understand what they do, and help them if I can. Feel free to contact me if anyone requires advice / fundaes.


Great thought Omkar.. Count me in for any voluntary activity.. Even I am going to start  up something very soon, I may also need some help/motivation. :)




Hello all,

As planned we have started our next project...........Omkar just in case if you see this....

We are now dealing with computers and accessories at very affordable rates. 

If there is any start up which needs computers or parts, do let me know, I promise i'll get for the best rates, with almost no less profit. As i understand we are a group of start up, saving in first year is very important.

I also have a tie up with Just Dial for sales and lead generation, if you need any help with sales also do let me know. We'll talk about it..............


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