What’s the big deal behind SSL?

Imagine a ferocious Rottweiler dog guarding your website from hackers. Or a digital genie that magically helps you improve your Google search rankings. Ecommerce SSL solutions for your website can help you with all that and more.  

ecommerce ssl security

We have talked about SSL Encryption technology in the past. SSL technology is being talked about a lot more in recent times in tech circles. Following points reinforce the importance of SSL certificates for E-Commerce players in today's scenario.

  • Better Google Search Rankings: Recently migrated to “HTTPS” from “HTTP”? Google will now rank you higher in their search results. Google’s search algorithm has started including HTTPS / SSL as a ranking signal. Having met with a decent response so far, expect this signal to carry more weight in the future.


  • SSL Encryption a must for using Google AdWords, Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads: Google has made it compulsory for E-Commerce players to have SSL encryption on their check-out pages. If a seller does not have SSL certificates on their checkout page, then Google has the right to suspend the vendor’s Google Merchant account, block their Google Shopping feed and remove AdWord product listings. That's gotta hurt.  


  • Protection from Phishing Scams: Imagine a perfect copy of your website, but it's run by online pirates sitting in Nigeria. You wouldn’t want your satisfied customers divulging their personal information on a fake website masquerading as your own. You being the legitimate site owner can get SSL certificates easily, but the Phishing scammers can’t. So, users would be less likely to divulge any information on such websites without valid SSL encryption.

SSL Integration services provided by E-Commerce enablers in India:

SSL Integration: How the magic happens The integration process can differ for various reasons, But it mostly follows these lines. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  • SSL Certificates use 2 keys for authentication: Public and Private.
  • They combine to form an encrypted connection.
  • In order to get a certificate, the site owner needs to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on their server.
  • This creates a public and a private key on the server.
  • The CSR data file containing the public key is sent to a Certificate Authority or CA.
  • Steps after this process will differ from server to server.
  • In theory, the CA will use the CSR data file to create a matching Private key without witnessing its data structure.
  • After this, the SSL Certificate is issued and installed on the server. 

Check out this simple video tutorial explaining SSL certificates and what they do for your eCommerce site:


SSL Pricing of some popular certificates:

We hope that this information will bolster belief in the need for securing the Online Ecosystem. It only serves to help us take matters of web security into our own hands.

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