I have an idea to open sport Hub for kids with multiple activities. likewise, Fun Dirve, some science projects, Pot macking, Sand play, Logo games, Woodan Toy making.

Kid will learn new techonology, mechanism,science, Yoga, Karate under one roof.  Kids will forgot all dailly school homeworks, wories and play freely.

Parents also can invole in many activites as a voluteer.

Contact me on sandip8280@gmail.com/+919850657473 if anyone is interested.

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Good Idea.. This is more popular in Europe where under one roof parents can send their children and go for their work .. The Hub should have plenty of space for kids and whole set of activities to play.. which requires more space as well. Hope you would like to replicate similar concept.. //??

Thanks Sujit. In USA also they have concept.

Yes. Space is the main issue in Pune City. I looking space as a rent basic. If anyone know the 1200 to 2000 Sq. ft. closed shaded space in PCMC area. Please let me knoiw.


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