Born out of my own frustrations with software development, I've built a software tool to make Javscript development more intuitive & visual, with the aim of reducing overal development time & costs.

Please see http://st8flo.com

The tool currently allows JS developers to debug & code visually on the application's flowchart, rather than endless textual code.

Currently a functioning prototype, there are still some advanced enterprise and collaboration features that need to be developed, as well as better UI and optimisations. These are in the pipeline.

To give a sense of demand : NoFlo js, developed on similar lines, had already gained 7 Crores from pre-selling (crowdfunding) well before it was actually developed.


Looking for :

The ideal investor would be an experienced JS software development company thats willing to take me under their wing, incorporate this product (post development) into their workflows for pilot tests & sponsor my development costs for the next couple of years, in exchange for stake.

However, open to Angels / Seed as well.

Please connect with me on mail (given below) if interested.


Dhaval W


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