Sokrati is looking for ardent Software Engineers responsible for evaluating software to use or if it doesn’t meet your standards build one in house, that would lay foundation for the platform to be built on. Such an individual should be knowledgeable in Software Life-cycle and also cognizant of various solutions in the market. He/she would be proposing solutions to ease the software development, monitoring of software and hardware, evaluating databases, continuous build systems or even the language that we should be using.


** Requirements **

- Comprehensive knowledge in software development and life-cycle. The individual should have considerable experience in writing software (at least 5 years)

- Desire to hack to look under the hoods but still formalizes the procedures of usage. Should be an active contributor to open-source software and should be ready to jump the gun into looking into any source.

- Desire to be exploratory. Should be always looking out to try new products or learn new languages.

- Flair to convince. Should possess the persuasive power to warrant a test from others while still being humble to listen to active feed-back and incorporating the requirements.

- Affinity towards testing and demoing a PoC to grab the attention of the proposal.

- Strong hold over scripting languages to get a PoC out of the door.


** Qualifications **

- Atleast a bachelors in computers.

- Atleast 3 years of experience in software development.

- Atleast 3 years of experience in Linux. This would warrant a strong command over the OS to the extent of system administration.

- Expertise in any scripting language. e.g. Perl, Ruby, Python

- Expertise in web applications. A strong hold on apache, tomcat servers would be a plus

- Atleast 3 years of fundamental experience in administering software. e.g. Linux, MySql, Nagios, SVN etc.


** How to Apply **

Send your resume to


** About Sokrati **

Sokrati is only a start-up in terms of members but is no start-up in terms of the reach of our technology. We are small as we have the most talented individuals in the industry. We are one of the leaders in India in Digital Advertising. Based out of Pune we enjoy powering Digitial Advertising across the globe. Sokrati is a sophisticated digital advertising solution that eases efficient management of Search and Social campaigns. The platform deals with 10M+ impressions per day, real-time optimization algorithms, a scalable & intuitive analytics platform and more.

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