Plybus is a app to manage corporate shuttle bus routes.Below are some of the features.

  1. Show bus routes and stops.
  2. Map view to locate exact location of stop.
  3. Alert facility to communicate changes to schedule.
  4. Schedule route changes in advance 
  5. Track location of bus on map (coming soon!)
  6.  Get estimated arrival time at a stop (coming soon!)

A demo is available at https://go.plybus.com(mobile view recommended). Feel free to share your feedback.

Thank You.

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Give me Facebook Link, I will share

Love simple, clean and white UI. However, from UX perspective I believe there is still space to enhance and workout. "Buttons" are lacking. Like, everything is white, I am not able to understand how to move-back and forward. If in case you are going to make it "White Label" this is can turn into a good Business Model.


Hi,Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Good one swarup.... wishing you and your team... great success. 

Thank you, sir!


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