SGN Media Solutions introduces a Business Articulation Service - Your 60 Seconder Elavator Pitch

Dear All,

SGN Media Solutions initiates an unique initiative about Business Articulation. Business Articulation is a crucial ability to be a successful in business. The articulation about your product/services, clients, value proposition is a must and most importantly in 60 Seconds. Yes, 60 Seconds - that the attention span you will get in your first meeting.

SGN Media Solutions Business Articulation Sessions of 4 hours focus on 60 Seconder Pitches. It is a must that that you have an excellent 60 Seconder pitch and you deliver it every time. SGN Media would be also recording the pitch and reviewing the pitch with you to finalize your pitch. Not just that - once the 60 seconder pitch is finalized - there is a business shoot in our studio with your company logo, product photos and your final 60 seconder. It is an amazing experience and at a reasonable cost.

So SGN Media's Business Articulation 4 Hour Session gives you:

1] Working with you on your 60 Seconder pitch

2] Getting it rehearsed and finalizing your 60 Seconder

3] Formal Business shoot with your company logo and 60 Seconder Pitch at our studio

4] Your Pitch is featured on our Online Campaign Page -

5] You get a QR Code for the 60 Seconder Online Pitch that you can share on business cards, brochures

Now isn't that a great deal in just 4 hours with a nice coffee !

Please contact SGN Media Solutions Director Shilpa Ghare at


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