We at Dhi Bridge are looking for a SEO & Social Media Specialist to manage our online presence and also build an inhouse team. 

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Hello Sir,

  We are more than a group of passionate digital marketing professionals along with 4 year plus experience. We are unique. We focus on delivering solutions that are as simple as they can be and no simpler. That's the balance. Yes, we can do bells and whistles but that's not the aim. We focus on the things that keep customers coming back again and again.
Our Services:
1. Search Engine Optimization 
2. Social Media Marketing - Facebook ,LinkedIn ,Twitter ,Google Plus , Pintrest etc
3. PPC ,Email Marketing , Video Marketing etc 
Tel.(Mob.) +91-8554880328
Email - nileshh661@live.com


Please let me know to connect with you.


Priya Seetharaman

+91 9766099874



http://www.1digitalsearch.com is a digital marketing company in pune india which provides digital marketing services, SEO, Social Media marketing Services around the globe.

We offer the following services to our valued clients


  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Google Adwords
  5. Website Design & Development
  6. Mobile Apps Marketing
  7. Software Development
  8. ECommerce development and Marketing
  9. IT Consultants
  10. Video Making and  Marketing
  11. SMS & Whatsapp Marketing
  12. Industrial Training
  13. Database Marketing
  14. Website Hosting

Call Now for free Consultation @ 72 7676 4140


Freelance or Full time Employee? 

Hello Sir

Please  go through www.shrutishravansoft.com

Thanks and regards



Part time or Full time employee?

Dear Rahul,


if you want to manage your online presence their for send your requirement on deepak@mekbrand.com and message me.





I have experience into social media and  SEO . kindly provide your website URL so that I can send free SEO audit. Please drop me a line at Rutujavpatil7@gmail.com with your requirements and I will be sending best quote for the same

Thanks and Regards.



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