I AM an ActionCOACH!
I help small to medium sized businesses, just like yours, GROW, Expand, take control and start to build a more prosperous and more profitable business.
I will guide you through problems and challenges and offer more solutions. I’ll hold you accountable, when no one else will.
But I won’t cajole you, because as your coach I want you and your business to succeed. I’m willing to tell you how it is, so you can have what you want.
And that makes me different than a consultant. I’m not a consultant. I just won’t tell you what to do and leave. I’ll stick around to make sure you get things done. I’ll ask the tough questions that affect your business. Some you may know, some you may NOT know. Some you may not want to know. But I’ll expect answers, or we’ll discover the answers together. So does Business Coaching work? Absolutely, know that before your compettion does!

Learn How To Make Your Business Work So That You Don't Have To!

Come to our "6 Steps to a Better Business" seminar and you'll learn all of these things and more. Don't you owe it to yourself, to invest some of your time learning 'How to Grow' your business and reach its full potential? Of course you do!

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Hi Tabish,

I am not a business man but want to learn how to grow in business in feature if i start one i am interested to attend the seminar just want to know were & when you all are conducting the same.


M Mallya 

Hi M Mallya


The Seminar is designed to help business owners who have been in the field themselves. The seminar does now aim to explain how to start a business, so not sure how it will prove useful for you now.


When you have started your business, you could consider joining in then as we regularly conduct this seminar.




Hi Tabish,

You can use our platform to get more participants. For your future events which may cost you a little you may even charge a meagre Rs.100. One of our events link that charge only Rs.100: http://www.100rupis.com/index.php/view_more?sid=189

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Keerthi,

Will look into it.


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