This is a great opportunity for Advantal Technologies to connect with you all and share our core Expertise and our latest adopted Technologies.

I would like to connect the organisations to showcase and share our best work done in the similar automobile industry which is running very successfully to the big brand name into the automobile industry.

The main purpose of my post is to connect the organisations once and could explain you about our Technological expertise and about our In-house developed product name called "ShieldCrypt".

ShieldCrypt: ShieldCrypt is an enterprise mobility solution for an secure communication within teams and organisation. More details mentioned into the attached document along with this email.

This product is currently running in BMW, Ford, Vodafone, Nokia, Huawei, Coca Cola, etc. and we are also technologies partner with them.

Kindly suggest me good time to reach you to discuss for the same and we would also like to work very closely with Napino.

Please find the attached collaboration letter and company profile along with this email.

I will look forward for your positive response.

Best Regards,
Sumit Kumar | Business Development Manager

Company: Advantal Technologies Private Limited

Website: www.advantaltechnologies.com | YouTube: Corporate Video

Tel: +91-9953076762 | 0124 -4236603 Email: sumit.kumar@advantal.net

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