Hi all ,

I am owning a website which i am going to launch in the month of august...It is basically a products and services based website where we are currently focussing on the gift articles in the initial launching.

I would like to know if any one of us has some talent of making some handmade products which can be sell online For eg: handmade lampsheds , thread art , painting s etc.

We would like to give the online exposure to all those who have such talent but has never get opportunity to show it to world......

If anyone having any idea let me know.....Reply to this post or mail me at info@onlyyahi.com

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hii shrutika,

i m seo consultant, if you require service for your upcoming site,

then let me know madan.pstpl@gmail.com

I like the design of your website, very nicely done and presented.

 But just wanted to let you know that most of other pages are ending with 404 exception. 

Regarding products, if I have anything in my mind, I will let you know.

Thanks prashant for your reply,


we have not come live on net yet. The site is under testing purpose. So at point you must have got that errror. Once complete with the things ,we will make official launch of it.

I am sending you another note. Do you think we can talk over phone/meet ?

all the best kindly send ur web site address to me


You need an eCommerce specialist for promoting this website. Do let me know if you have still not handed over this to someone.




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