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Sanitary Grade Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Sanitary electromagnetic flow meters are designed with the unique patented. It is full stainless steel construction with PTFE Liner which mount anywhere magnetic field distribution technology, the meter is highly immune to upstream flow disturbances. The transmitter can have built-in or remote totaliser display. Suitable for any type of Dairy Fluids like milk, cream etc,Also suitable for Pharma liquids, juices of various fruits. Available in two types of end connections;SMS or DIN Union and Tri-Clover clamps. Sizes available functional converter LF610 rating of the customer specified flange connection.

Model : SG - Sroat

The Series SG-Sroat of Electromagnetic Flow meter is specifically designed for Food and Drug Industries, It is used for measurement of food liquid mediums like Milk, Cream, Fruit Juices, Pharmaceutical liquids and etc.

It is available with integral or remote version of transmitter. The transmitter can have built-in or remote totalizer display. Suitable end connections of SMS Union or DIN Union or Tri-clover Clamp is given as per customer's requirements.

Special models are available for mounting on Milk Tankers.

Features :

• Full Stainless Steel Body.
• End Connection in Union Coupling/tri-clover clamp
• Sizes Available from
• Highly Accurate and extremely Linear.
• Isolated 4-20 mAoutput Proportional to flow rate.
• Option of Pulse Output available.

Technical Specifications :

1. Meter Size: 1" to 4"

2. Pressure: 40 Bar max.

3. Media Temperature: 150 °C max.

4. Ambient Temperature range: 4 to 50 °C

5. Material:

Pipe : SS304
Liner : PTFE Food Grade
Electrodes : SS316L
Coil Housing : SS304/SS316
End Connections : SS304/SS316

6. Type of Transmitter: Sroat 1000A

7. Min. Media conductivity: 5 micro-siemens per cm.

8. Output:

1) 4 to 20 mA proportional to flow Rate, isolated from input, body and power supply (Standard).
2) Pulse Output, open collector type, proportional to totalizing rate(Optional).

9 Local Display(Optional):

a)Flow Rate, 3½ digit LCD.
b)Total Quantity, 8 Digit LCD.

10. Accuracy: 0.5% of reading from 100% to 10% flow rate.

11. Flow Velocity Range: 0.1 m/s to 10m/s.(Higher velocities can be catered on

12. Power Supply:

1) 110Vac/ 230Vac, 50/60 Hz.(Standard)
2) 24 Vdc/12Vdc. (Optional)

13. Power Rating



14. Ingress Protection: IP68 for Primary Flow Sensor, IP65 for flow Transmitter.

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