Our application helps you to determine the commission amount from the sales quickly and efficiently. The commission amount can be determined from the sales amount (Revenue) or Gross profit. You can also enter the quota/goal values and determine the attainment percentage to calculate the commission over and above quota.

Calculating Commissions is not that easy, as it holds so many technicalities. It is the most essential aspect of the payout process for the salespeople of big organizations. With Zoho Creator, Commission calculation becomes easier and the commission process gets streamlined.

Key Features:
-Calculate the commission based on the time within which deals are closed, as well as the deal's value.
-View all commissions assigned to respective salespeople as a list, consolidated under one module.
-Deliver monthly commission statements to sales reps, or allow them to view their commissions up-to-the-minute with the portal add-on.
-It is loaded with analytics functionality that enables users to monitor their income and expenses and analyze reports.
-Integrating with accounting system(Zoho Books, QuickBooks,etc)

For more info, feel free to reach out to us.

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