Hi All,

I am willing to start a company in Pune. I am planning to commercial the research projects in cloud computing and virtualization domain. These projects have complexity and huge potential to penetrate the market. I am interested in teaming up with the people who are visionary and willing to create the wealth for future [1-2 years down the line ] and not with who are taking this project as outsourcing and immediate cash opportunity. 

I am in process to own the Intellectual Property of these research outcomes and working on business plan.On successful prototype, there is opportunity to VC funding.

If your interested in building technologies , contact me .

Koustubha Deshpande

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Intersesting ....
Are you still looking or already got someone? I am based in Pune and would like to know details of your business plan. Very interested in cloud computing. Please contact me at saisevak6@gmail.com.
I would be interested to know more of the opportunities.
Please contact me, at pushpraj.agrawal@gmail.com
@Garfield Fisher : Thanks I will send my email to have further conversation .

Guys thanks for your interest , I have already emailed relevant information to your personal email address, let me know your thought on it .
Hi Koustubha ,

this is something i would be interested here is profile


mail : arvind.kapse gmail com
Hi Koustubha,

I would like to see more information on this, if opportunity is still available.

I can be reached on ndaine@gmail.com/skype - nilesh.daine


I might be interested! Can we meet?


if the oppotunity still persists ... i'm interested.

hahah @ Garfield , I never heard back from your contact about going forward.
Any progess on this one?
Dear Mr. Koustubha Deshpande,

If you could share your email ID then it would better for me to share a business plan on Cloud Computing.

Trust in a response from you.


Abhijit Shetti

email- ad.shetti@gmail.com

Nice to know that somebody is interested in Cloud Computing. I am based out of Delhi NCR and also have some ideas on cloud computing and looking for partners/co-founders for the same. But the only difference is that it's also added with Security(as per my plan).

Please eel free to contact me at mksingh13 [at] gmail [dot] com



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