I am a student of MSc Organizational Psychology at the University of Nottingham. I am looking for start-ups to participate in my research project. The participation is free, anonymous and online. I am studying employees in IT and Technology start-ups. 

I am studying the characteristics of employees working in start-ups and correlating those to a concept called Innovative Workplace Behaviours. 

I will be collecting data through an online, anonymous survey. The survey will ask only work-related questions and no personal questions about the employees OR their companies. It is a short survey, needing only 15 minutes. 

I am looking to study start-ups which are no more than 10 years old and have lesser than 80 employees.

I would like to reach out to employees working in / owners of such start-ups. If you think your company matches these requirements I would love to discuss my project with you in detail. I have attached an official university document regarding information about the project. 

This research will help industry professionals create guideline and rules tailored to fit the Start-ups of India, and your opinion is incredibly important to this cause. 

Every participant counts.

Do reach out to me. 

Thanking you 



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