Anyone here working as an Agronomist or working for/in an AgriTech company. Or wishes to freelance?

We wish to connect with Traditional farmers / Contract farmers who can help us test out products and provide critical feedback.  

Also with the people working in the field of Agriculture and the Technological aspects of Agri. Especially, the Advisors such as Agriculture College Researchers, Agri Product owners, Agronomists, or Import-Exporters of crop production. 


We have 4 products that are named Sky, Heaven, Earth & Carbon that provide the results of a Pesticide, Fertilizer, Booster & Microbial Growth. 
With Phase Transfer Catalysis, the ingredients which are not easily available to plants are made to change their behavior. Those which are in the organic phase are dragged into the aqueous medium.
Also, active carbon with nanoparticles which are taken up by the plants develops an ability to absorb more useful ingredients from the soil.
We have used both the things to enhance the urge to take up the nutrients hence have better growth and therefore their output in addition to micronutrients such as iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, etc..  Also, it contains plant growth stimulates, naturally extracted amino acids, terpenoids, active isomers of azadiractin, and some herbal extracts that contain essential ingredients.

We have tested this on more than 35+ crops and have received extremely good results. 

Thank You.

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Please provide your contact details
Would like to know more. Contact me on 9579352262. If I don't answer your call you can leave me whatsapp message


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