Hello Guys,

I need some advice on registering an Internet Media Company from Home.

I am the founder of dejavuh.com. Built the prototype and still improving the same. I want to register the company on my rented home address so that I will not waste investment money on office space and all. I want to use the money for real work and marketing only. My homeowner is supporting me in this. I need to know following things.

1. Can I legally register an Internet Media Company on Home address.?

2. What are the documents needed from the homeowner and residential society?

3. Will homeowner need to pay extra or different tax because of this?

You can also suggest or guide me other related points.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Sunil, I am a corporate lawyer and can help.

Hi Janvi,

I just spoke one gentleman, we probably work on it...

Thanks for the reply.

Have a nice day ahead.


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