Dear All,

We do our best with our resources available to assure that all members have a positive experience on this website. Unfortunately, occasionally we might miss some content and  members may discover fake profiles, spam profiles, spam messages from others.

Our purpose is to provide an open networking and peer-learning environment for all entrepreneurs in Pune. And yet, we need to communicate this across to all of you to help you all be on your toes when you network here.

We have a request to all our members,

- If you are a startup posting a job profile or a post, do share details of the founders and where you come from. It will help immensely in encouraging readers to respond to your post and take you venture seriously.

- Please join this network only as a person, with your complete identity or you will be banned right away. Do not create fake profiles, or profiles for your businesses. We request all of you to represent your self, it will increase trust and openness all throughout.

- Please ensure you do extensive due diligence before responding to an advertisement. We do not directly endorse or take responsibility for existing members and their behavior here on this site.

- If you spot a fake profile, spam profile, offensive behavior or offensive content please report it to moderators immediately. We appreciate the fact that many entrepreneurs spend their time here on this platform and we appreciate hearing from you on such issues. Occasionally we may miss such profiles and content in our moderation scans.

My contact information is as follows:


whatsapp me (quicker): +91 Eight Zero Zero 797 Five Five Eight One.

Best regards,
Santosh Dawara.

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One quick suggestion, can we integrate the login page with Facebook or Linked in. It will restrict the fake profiles and let this be mandatory.




Hi Sarika, this has already been done. Unfortunately, it hasn't stopped spammers.


I would suggest to add "Report Spam" button to report objectionable content . Application should block contents if 'n' unique users are reported content as objectionable. If owner has contacted to admin then contents will be reviewed by admin to take decision.

Let me know if you need any help from my side.




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