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You may know that after the POCC internship / job fair, we kept the candidate information in a HeadTracker instance. We had offered it to Pune startups for free to request candidates from it even beyond the job fair, and at least 22 startups availed this facility so far.

Through this experience we learnt that maintaining the candidate database using HeadTracker works very well. It also emerged that (a) it will be a better idea if startups have direct access to HeadTracker and (b) the candidates know whom their information is going to. The former is important because conducting candidate search within the database is an iterative process for the startup. The later is important because the candidate -- having read your information -- would be better prepared to hear from you (if you like him too).

To implement this learning, here is what needs to happen:

  1. Startups download HeadTracker - (Yes, it is a paid application - but I can make it available for free to people from the Pune Startup community by waiving off some money for a limited time -- say next 2 weeks. Just drop me a line and I shall take care of that.)
  2. Startups install HeadTracker on your side correctly and send a request to configure the Jobseerker form from within your HeadTracker. We configure the jobseeker form for you. (A side benefit of this setting is that you also get a unique jobseeker form URL using which candidates can directly apply to you.)
  3. We ask candidates to apply using the Jobseeker form. They will find you after filling their data and choose to send their info to you (after reading up the information you supplied).

Hope this helps,


belagali at gmail dot com

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Hi Ashish, We would like to use HeadTracker for our current requirements. Can you please guide us?

Sure go ahead and look at the 3 steps. Let me know if you need any help.


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