Dear Pune Startups,

Please do save this e-mail to read as it will help you leverage effectively.

Q: How do I get my profile featured on the front page of the website?
A: This is very easy, all you need to do is meet the following criteria:
1. You are an active entrepreneur
2. You have a profile picture (of yourself)
3. You are an active member of the group

At this time, Navin Kabra and I are managing these activities - so to get yourself noticed I recommend that you contact us so that we can know you wish to be featured.

Q: Can the website help me meet with Investors?
A: Yes, there are several investors who have registered themselves on, including Sequoia Capital, Battery Ventures, Indian Angel Network and Canaan Partners. However, before you attempt to "friend" them on the network - I strongly recommend you meet with them at the events.

Q: How do I follow Event announcements?
A: I send an e-mail to the entire group once a month with Event announcements. You can directly follow the events as well.

Q: What have we done to make the website more professional-friendly?
A: Over the last one year we have taken several steps to ensure that the network is useful for your business activities.
- The website is now actively blocking spammers before they even reach the network
- Moderators are taking a more active role in discouraging spammers
- We have also started a LinkedIn group for those who wish to stay within the professional-friendly environment of LinkedIn - you have all been pre-approved to join the LinkedIn group.

Q: Am I allowed to make use of the Discussion Boards for commercial posts?
A: A Big Yes! You may make commercial posts for Hiring, Buying, Selling and advertising your product as long as it is relevant to startups.

Q: Do we have a regular meetup venue?
A: Yes, the Symbiosis Institute for Computer Studies in Model Colony is our regular meetup venue.

Q: How do I post and market an event on
A: This post should help you post and market your event.

If I missed out any points unintentionally, please do bring them up again by adding them to the discussion here. We are doing our best within our limited constraints to make the website valuable to all.

The goal behind is to encourage entrepreneurs to get started with their ventures and bring the community closer together. We have made rapid progress on these goals in the last few months and thank all of you for your participation.

Q: What is the Pune Startups Business Directory?
A: Here is a simple way to promote your startup and business on the Pune OpenCoffee Club. Simply fill out the form and click on Submit to enter your business details. I will be making the form visible to the rest of
the community with all the details.

* Search the directory here
* Click here to enter your startup.

Q: What are the moderation policies? How do I know that I have crossed the line?

A: Read our etiquette guidelines.

Best Regards,
Santosh Dawara
Director of Products and Co-founder, at

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Cant we keep discussions and commercial posts separate? I am very much in favor of letting people post their commercial requirements but it kind of makes the whole thing messed up while reading, when I say separate I mean they are separated from the main discussions in a different tab or something? So that I can just look at discussions when I wish to and look at commercial posts when I wish to?
Good point, we have traditionally always used the Pune Startups Google Group for a space which is non-commercial in content. I agree that it is inconvenient to join yet another group, but startups also need a voice to discuss their suppliers.
I didn't mean my comments in the sense of 2 groups, I actually support both commercial posts and discussions to be available on the same group, what I meant was can't we do something about separating discussions from commercial posts in 2 different tabs or links? So that one can use both in line with his interests.

Commercial posts are imp, with mailing list we can't do much in organizing information or channeling discussions according to interests, but I was hoping since punestartups has a revised strategy in form of this site, we can somehow tackle this issue as well.

Following are the possible solutions:

1> If ning gives us the ability to define new entities (content types) we can probably create a commercial entity type and ask members to fill that for commercial posts and that way they will be separate from discussions. I am doubtful of this to work.

2> Create a community endorsed group for commercial posts, there is one for freelancers and I think people do post most of the commercial posts there (mostly requirements).

3> use tags to classify the type of posts.

I am not sure how easy or hard this problem is to solve from community point of view, but I believe if we decide on a way forward and request people to follow that for commercial posts, they will follow the code of conduct.

I don't know how much this issue inhibits others to share, but I have found myself muting from punestartups just coz of this issue of being bombarded with emails that are of not much interest to me.
Cool! Ning (the platform we are based on) really seems retarded, let me look for what we can do to enable this out-of-the box.

The "Creators" Network for Ning is one place to start.

Are there any ways I can get involved? 


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