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How do I use this website effectively?

How do I self-promote my event here?

Can help me promote my event to all the members?

How to avoid getting banned?


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Good question.

We usually require that you post to "all posts here" first. A moderator then ensures that your post goes to the right channel.

Hope that helps!

How can I start discussion in the category? I am not able to find option "start new thread"

Hi Mansoor,

Use this link:

A moderator will ensure it gets added to the right category.

Best regards,


I have submitted a new post earlier today. By when would it appear in the main Discussion list? 

It appears within 15 minutes.

Hi Santosh, I am a home baker, planning to start a custom cake studio. I am looking for inputs from folks who have done a similar startup. Inputs required are financial feasibility, required capital, staffing etc. Pls let me know if there is a place on this website where I can find this. Thanks.


You can post this under Forum> Startup: Share Ideas, Find Partnerships, Investments

You can have people interacting with you there.


I am using POCC from last 2-3 months and its helping me alot in my business.

Can you please tell me if there is anything for Indore also same as POCC if no can you please start it or may be on the national level. Where we could have online chat facilities like this.

It will be really great.

Sounds like e great idea. We will look into this, Jaya.

hello sir i have packers and movers organization , we are relocating our goods from one place to other at low cost..

so please tell me how can i Promote my business

First off, please do not spam. Interact with people here and add your advertisement under: 

Advertisements, For Sale & Rent, B2b Services


We are into apps, website and software development.

I wanted to know how do I generate business here?

How do I find my leads here?


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