Mashable has posted this article about Pune. It's true that Pune has an excellent start-up community, and is also a R&D hub, but I think infra there's still lots to be done.

Read the article yourself and let us know what you think:

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Thanks for sharing this Nikhil. I have mixed comments about the article and have added my response to the post itself.

My 2 cents.

Coming from mumbai, i love this place for the breathing space it offers, its climate AND MORE IMPORTANTLY which forced me to learn a four wheeler and now i am also thinking of learning a two-wheeler :) :)  In short, a great tech city, needs an even greater public transport/commuting network... in PCMC even today auto rickshaw doesn't go on meter... might take another 3years for full implementation... this is the only negative i think.  I very much like the speed at which PCMC execute things... checkout wakad to believe it. Far better than many other metros... 


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