I am planning to start a food delivery module - which will deliver food to puneites full night i.e 9 PM to 5 AM - major target audience will be youth / bachelors. This will be further backed by a chef from 5 star hotel to maintain food quality, preparation and authenticity. The food will a mix of different cuisines.

I would request the people - to kindly take a minute and give your feedback whether anything like this could work. Will it be meaningful. 

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I had also planned the same thing once and I even did a survey using Survey Monkey where 28 people had responded. The survey is still kind of open and you can see it on: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M5P88XV

The results are with me, and I can share them too. I do not know if there exists a common motto among both of us, however it will be great to collaborate with you on some aspect. Write to me at: different dot ankit at gmail dot com.

Thanks :)

Dear Mr.Ankit, 

Thank you so much for your efforts to reply on the discussion!

Can I know if you have started this already or is it under development yet? Can I also request you to share the results.

What I am planning will have its inclination towards authenticity of food as well i.e. italian will be italian and not indianised version of italian food. I am also planning a chef to be along so that this can turn to be high quality food.  If I may ask - what was your line of interest with respect to your concept?



Can you please write to me directly at: different.ankit at gmail.com ? I should be able to respond to all your queries through email itself.

Thanks :)

I have already emailed you - my email id aditya_637@yahoo.co.in  

There are already such services going on in pune..... but with not that professional-type. 

Trust me... it won't work...


If you are target Audience is Youth and Bachelors then I think this will work.

Few points to consider for providing better service could be:

- I stay in Hinjewadi, Usually we get home delivery of our tiffins at 6 pm everyday which I think is too early and the food is not fresh by the time I reach home i.e at 8:00 PM.

- You might want to have a network of delivery boys who will deliver food at the time a person reaches home from office. This will ensure that the food is fresh, which in turn will satisfy the person.

- You can also market this outside companies which are into businesses like BPO's, KPO's, IT, etc.These guys work in shifts. You can print a few brouchers and hire a person to distribute them on main gates of different companies.

- I would suggest concentrate at one locality first. For example Hinjewadi, that way you create your good will and then spread your wings.

The challenges that I foresee are:

- Will you be able to get well-mannered, punctual Delivery Boys?

- Will you food reach on time?

- Will you be able to deliver food to people who come home at 3:00 am too?

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi Aditya,

The idea seems to be great, it has been tried before for sure.

The problem with most of them was they were not able to sustain the initial buzz and gradually faded out.

My observation's on the idea:-

  • Have more options in the menu ,I know its difficult but you can have some sort of daily specialty or something of that sort which will ensure repeat customers .
  • Your idea of providing good quality food and hire a chef from 5 start is gr8 but I think with your target segment you need to be very careful on the affordability criteria .

All the best.





Point #2 is to be noted as it is the Powerful Point - Affordability to U & Consumer (foodies)

its ok for consumer to spend 10 x 2. rather than 100 x 2.

After all A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned.


If you are thinking of hiring a 5 star chef - then you are targeting the wrong market segment.  You should look to target professionals - particularly in situations where both husband and wife are working or have a small baby to look after in a nuclear family. This will be the segment who will be willing to pay a bit extra for quality. Bachelors might try your services for some time but will quickly gravitate towards something more affordable!


There exists a delivery service like this in Pune. Its called KK's. Check it out.


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