Dear All,

I just launched "FRINJO", an android mobile app and iPhone app is will be in market soon.

Checkout -

Help us to improve and spread. Provide your Ideas, suggestions, feedback.

*** F R I N J O ***

Its a Global, Social, Location Based application.
It searches people near to you "as per your interests", who has "same interests as yours".

It is Simple and Cool. FRINJO will search the matching people as per your interests and send you notifications You can start chatting with him or her.

- One time Signup (no mobile number, no email required)
- Edit Profile (adjust your preferences to get better results)
- Configure your Interests (just select what ever as per your Interest)
- Find People Near you ( it will present a list of the near by people)
- You can add people to your Favorites, to contact them later
- Send Us Suggestions and Feedback to Serve you Better
- Many more to come later.. Surprises :)

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is it connected with FB?

no, we dont believe in fetching user's personal data from any of the social site... 

Concept is cool....

UI is looking immature.

Can't find the reason of prefixing the word  "Your"  in the registration form, cut it..

Also instead of labeling "Configuring Interest" i believe it should be just "Interests" . Saying more with less is key for Mobile UI.

For "People near Me " you can label it to "Find people" 

i hope it can be of any help...

Suggest UI guy, i will hire..if you kno anyone.

i can  look into its  designs , aesthetics,user experience , look and feel

You can contact me at  gautam[dot]singhit[at]gmail[dot]com. for further communication.

For "People near Me " you can label it to "Find people"

THis app automatically find people, you need not to say "find people near me as per my interests". Thats why it is -- "people near me" and i have some more plans thats why i kept it like this.

Thanks for the input, pls pass on more.

Well then it seems good!


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