Education in schools and colleges is highly curriculum based and needs to be taught in a manner that students understand the motivation behind the topic, the contents and the application in real life. I would appreciate if we can brainstorm on this and see how we can add value to education to bring it closer to the skill requirements in day to day life. Make education more valuable and interesting, rather exciting for students. 

I would personally like to contribute in the area of mathematics, Physics, science and Mechanical Engineering subjects such as Strength of Materials, metallurgy, fluid mechanics, Applied Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer. I am looking at creating as well as aggregating premium quality content from available sources and structuring it to create a "home based" education system which will be more than sufficient for students. 

 What is the need? In today's technological world, isn't time very important? A student should be able to maximise on time of learning, conventional classes are no longer efficient. And more important, a bad teacher is worse than no teacher at all, because the impressions and influences remain in student's mind for a very long time. 

A high quality education system is therefore the need of the hour. An example is the US based Khan academy, I am highly impressed by the content, and this is relevant to any board, it is a universal content, so the system I am proposing will be a universal content which basically gives the concepts and fundamentals and any student who wants to learn that would be able to do so irrespective of syllabus or Board. Khan academy is a success story which can be easily replicated here, in fact, it  may not be a bad idea to use a franchisee model too. 

I am kicked about starting this very soon and will be taking the plunge soon, anyone in this forum who is passionate about improving and revolutionising the education industry can give me a buzz and let us connect. 

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Hello Mr Naveen,

We are working with lots of Educational Institutes. Let us meet and see how we can take this forward,


Abhijeet 7276020579

Hello sir,

I am also thinking on somewhat similar concept.

Can I get your contact details so that we can discuss on this topic.

You can reach to me @ 9665479959 / 

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Can you please share your contact details on my mail ID

Hello Navin,

I would like to discuss on your noble idea.

You may reach me @

Hi Everyone. I am also working on educational concept on 21st learning skills. Can we all connected to share idea,issues and how to resolve issues among educational startup ?

If anyone interested kindly drop me a message

-- Sumita

Hello Naveen,

I am Interested to work with you on this. I have recently started a channel on YouTube for English. Even though the work is not that professional as I am alone working on it and also trying to explore the options on YouTube

I too looking forward for partners in my project.

I am currently working on data gathering for the topic.

Please contact me @


You can call me at 8879105249. We can discuss on the subject.

Best regards.




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