Hello friends, 

What if you would be able to promote your business completely free...?

  • We receives many calls throughout the day regarding the business. We talk about the business we are running, the offers we are offering, providing the contact and address of the office premises etc etc.
  • Network operators allows us to send 100 daily SMSs as per TRAI limit.
  • Networks like JIO provides free SMSs and for other networks we can choose such plan which includes free SMSs.
  • I am not saying to type SMS and send to everyone, whoever calls you or gets called.
  • The same thing will be done by Insta-Promo android app...

Features of the Insta-Promo :

  1. You can set 3 default SMS templates as per your need or business promotional text.
  2. You can select any of the template as your "auto SMS template" for callers.
  3. Yes, you can block certain contact numbers to whom you don't want to send any promotional SMSs like friends and family members.
  4. If the SMS is already sent to specific number then app would not send SMS again to the same number even if called many times.
  5. You can select the frequency of remembering "Lastly SMSed numbers".
  6. On reaching TRAI limit app will stop sending any SMS until the next day.
  7. You can stop and start service as and when you wish.
  8. You can select any SIM for sending auto SMS.
  9. We provide support to the customers by visiting them if required and do not ask for support money too..

Once got registered and selected the auto SMS template in the app only; you do not need to do anything else... Insta-Promo will start your business promotion in the background..!!

We do not and never spam and never force you to become our users. Its all upto the users, they can use it free and would decide to continue, if they like it..!!

You can download it from here...  Click Here To Visit Google Play InstaPromo

Thanking you so much,

Rushikant Pawar,

The Developer,


Reach : pawarrushikant@gmail.com

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