One of my associates based in Taiwan gave a project to Bhbaneshwar based IT company through The company after taking the entire amount upfront has informed my associate that they are unable to finish the project.  They keep asking him for more time to complete the project and give it back. He also does not have any legal agreement to take recourse to.


How can he get out of this situation?


Please suggest.

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Send them a legal notice anyway, seriously.
yes, send them a legal notice. I'm sure there must have been a SLA signed and SOW formed before the transactions happened.  The legal compliances has to be addressed by your associate through court of law under defined jurisdiction which may be stated in the SLA.   btw, why the entire amount was paid upfront? the payment must go through the milestones of the project defined in scope of work. this is a terrible mistake done by your associate too..

@ Santosh and Indrajit


Thank you for your suggestion. I have passed on the same to my associate.

I think even if there is no agreement, still the transaction can be proved using the emails, discussions, and financial transactions.

That should be sufficient for the to bring to books


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