Polyurethane Coatings also is one of the most widely used and appreciated services of our company which we are providing to our clients in almost all the regions of the country. These flooring polyurethane coatings provide an excellent durability to the floors as well as make them attractive and elegant. These PU coatings also help to make the floor water proof and free from seeping and damp. Our clients can avail these services at our company at a very conventional and attractive range of prices.

We are specialists in Epoxy Flooring, PU Concrete, Polyurethane Coating, Antistatic flooring, Chemical Resistant Floorings, Deck Coatings, Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Densi Polished Floors (Ashford Formula), Commercial Flooring & Resin Floor Systems in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Polyurethane coatings are mainly suggested for application to surfaces challenge to high tiers of damage-and-tear, in which incredible chemical and physical resistance is required. POLYURETHANE Coating used for industrial floors, is ideally fitted in regions in which a seamless, joint loose end is needed and maximum cleanliness is vital. Laboratories, clean rooms, and well-known industries are some of the environments that could advantage from this device. Polyurethane floor refers to polyurethane ground coatings with a brand new water or solvent free, no pollution ground function construction technology, organized to fulfill positive requirement :

i) High-cease conferences or leisure center attention on consolation requirements
ii) Industrial and mining firm’s cognizance on anticorrosive and put on-resistant requirements
iii) Food industry awareness on excessive and coffee temperature resistance
iv) Sports grounds and different non slip, anti corrosion, put on-resisting needs of ground coating.

Compared with epoxy flooring, polyurethane coating (PU coating) is the largest function is flexibility may be adjusted. Polyurethane ground with a sure flexibility, now not simplest can offer extremely good crack bridging, however also has a better impact resistance, put on resistance, mechanical houses, resistance to UV ultraviolet and chemical corrosion and so forth. 


Automobile Industry
Food Processing and Pharma Industry
Electrical Industry


Wide Range of Hardness: The classification of hardness for polyurethane relies on the prepolymer's molecular structure can be manufactured from 20 SHORE A to 85 SHORE D
High Load Bearing Capacity: Polyurethane has a high load capacity in both tension and compression. Polyurethane may undergo a change in shape under a heavy load, but will return to its original shape once the load is removed with little compression set in the material when designed properly for a given application.
Flexibility: Polyurethanes perform very well when used in high flex fatigue applications. Flexural properties can be isolated allowing for very good elongation and recovery properties.
Abrasion & Impact Resistance: For applications where severe wear prove challenging, polyurethanes are an ideal solution even at low temperatures.
Tear Resistance: Polyurethanes possess high tear resistance along with high tensile properties.
Resistance to Water, Oil & Grease: FPolyurethane's material properties will remain stable (with minimal swelling) in water / oil / grease. Polyether compounds will last many years in subsea applications.
Electrical Properties: Polyurethanes exhibit good electrical insulating properties.
Wide Resiliency Range: Resilience is generally a function of hardness. For shock-absorbing elastomer applications, low rebound compounds are usually used i.e. resilience range of 10-40%. For high frequency vibrations or where quick recovery is required, compounds in the 40-65% resilience are used. In general, toughness is enhanced by high resilience.
Strong Bonding Properties: Polyurethane bonds to a wide range of materials during the manufacturing process. These materials include other plastics, metals, and wood. This property makes polyurethane an ideal material for wheels, rollers, and inserts.

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