Hey guys, anyone interested in getting together to bounce of ideas and just network, lets try and have a meet at one of the CCD's at Koregaon park (Fixed).
Date:7th June
Time:7 p.m.
Venue:Cafe Coffee Day
North Main Road
Near German Bakery,
Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001

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I would like to part of this meet only in case if the date is different from 7th June. Please let me know in that case.

It is lil surpising that there are no reply to this post yet but it will be great if more 5-6 people are interested in this meet.

Upendra Kolte
Yeah its tentative, if we reach a number of 5-6 we can decide what's a comfortable day/time for everyone!
Hi -

Do you have many confirmations? Perhaps I can help with that?

- Santosh (Moderator)
Nah only 2 so far! was hoping for atleast 5-6 would be a great help!
It might help to cross-post on the group below in addition:
Ok, I've put up details on the front page of the ning group and sent out an email as well.

I'm sure you will get a lot more responses before tonight. Better to fix the time and place beforehand.

- Santosh
sunday sounds good but only if its after say 5pm...got a lunch meeting in KP so can drop in after that...lemme know...
I would like to attend. I just moved back from the US and would love to meet you folks.
Hey surely we can meet. Plz let me know the timing & exact place.
Meeting time around 7pm is ok for me ..
I am game for this meeting. Any time any place. Lets have a large get together.

Hmm..Everyone seems to be ok for Sunday evening 7 then?
Let me know when you fix the time and venue and I will update the Ning front page.

- Santosh


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