Hi friends,

It just feels like yesterday when we crossed the 10K membership mark, and now in less than 2 years we grew to 15000. (We are 15028 members today). By any means, this is a gigantic number of people for an entrepreneur-centric group.

This calls for a celebration and reflection!

In my new year message, I covered the POCC activites. Around us, the business and investment environments have improved, and if something is pulling us back from succeeding on a large scale it's only ourselves.

POCC would like to take a bigger role in nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, raising entrepreneurial awareness which would basically work towards growing the number of success stories. We are already working with other ecosystem partners, and we would like to deepen the engagement.

POCC has its own share of challenges. Some of us are at the design board and discussing how we could do better than what we have been doing so far.

POCC is all about the community. Feel free to let us know your views / suggestions / contributions.



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Dear Ashish,

first of all congratulations and yes the family of POCC is really growing fast.

I would like to express that we should now have a targeted approach where we have specific groups been formed which are crystal clear of what business they want to perceive and start networking of those like minded people...largely it has been my observation that we have more percentage in POCC is of tech start-ups very evident from the kind of posts that come on our whatsup group...but I feel POCC should move from a niche segment to a holistic view of creating, networking and enabling entrepreneurs other than techies as well because ultimately most of the business require I.T backup and intelligence...therefore my suggestion is to have a conclave or meet of non-tech startups and decide on the future agenda...



Dear Ashish,

Big congratulations to you and all the people here for their contributions. Such sustained efforts are not easy and kudos to you all at POCC.

Saket Deshmukh, Mahesh Patil (startup weekend jan 15 organizers) and me (mentor and coach at the event) are thinking through some problem of our own while working on the startup ecosystem in Pune. 

Would be glad to connect with you and pick your brains, bounce some ideas and collaborate. I am not jumping on to any online ideas / suggestions now, as you probably have better view of what works here or not. 


Santosh Maharshi


Congratulations Ashish!
Hope in coming days I will able to actively participate. 



Congratulations! Wishing POCC many more such milestones.


Vasudha Shrotriya

This achievement is commendable !

I am sure it is not smooth journey till here.

It is the commitment and passion to build eco system by self empowered people like Santosh/Ashish.

Congratulations to the team.

I would love to contribute in possible ways.


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