We are planning to design a website in PHP,HTML,CSS,deployment.Initial design was under process.


We are looking for people from Pune who are interested to join with us as part time to help us in designing and enhancing the product.We can pay for the services.It will be a long time relation.We can guarantee a good experience of a startup journey.


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I am a PHP developer by profession, will be happy to work with startup. Can you send me the details on mhetreramesh@gmail.com or u can call me on 09096480712

Hi Ramesh

We are happy to here from you.

We will contact you soon with details.We are under the process of setting up of initial environment.

I am interested for this so please send the details on phpfreelance15@gmail.com.

Sure.We will be in touch with you soon.Thanks for the reply


I am fresher. I had learn HTML, CSS and Java script. 

I have interest to work with you and learn some new things.

Hi Uday,

Can you please send me your profile on my email address kumar839@yahoo.in

May I send my resume to you?

Yes please. Send it to Kumar839@yahoo.in


I am trying to send you my resume but your email ID server not responding and providing error.  Will you please give me another email ID?

Sorry the correct one is Kumarg839@yahoo.in

We will post you once we set our initial env.Thanks.

Hi Manoj

We are happy to here from you.We will contact you soon.


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