I am looking for a company having 1-2 Cr turnover who can provide salesforce resources for long term in Pune, Bengalore, Hyderabad, US and Canada.

Many resources are required. Please share details if you can provide or have any references. This business association is going to benefit in future also.

This is urgent and to start ASAP.

I am available at satish.upadhyay@hotmail.com or 9923831740.

Thank you.

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I am having 3+ year of .Net development experirnce.
Currently on Maternity gap and completed SFDC proffesional training.
Also completed Platform developer 1 certification.
I am also doing freelancing project.

Please  let me know if you have some work for salesforce
Thanks in Advance !!

Hi Savitri,

Please contact me if you are still looking for a job in Salesforce.

We have an immediate opening.


email : pallavi.phadke@gmail.com

phone/whatsapp : 9923797045

Check your mail,@sathish

Arun Kumar,

Are you referring to me or the original post?

If me, then I have not received any email - if not me, then please ignore the message.



Not you.I'm referring to Sathish Kumar.


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