Hello Everyone.

We have a good Opportunity for Startup Business and Freelancers.We are outsourcing the Web Development Projects.These are International Project which costs around 20$-30$ per projects.The total amount of projects that we are willing to outsource per company are around 500+ projects depending upon the company resource and around 100 project for the freelancers

If anyone is interested in this proposal can drop their mail ids and i will mail you the detail proposal.

Thank you

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Please mail the details to manzoor@neutrinossolutions.com.

About Company :

Neutrinos is a global solution provider for all technological, corporate, staffing and knowledge based solutions.

When people talk about "the next big thing," they're never thinking big enough. It's not a lack of imagination; it's a lack of observation. Future is now and is here. Neutrinos is born to give its contribution to this great technological leap of human kind.

Idea is to connect devices, machines, and things which allows   us to dynamically generate, analyze, and communicate   intelligence data, increase operational efficiencies, and power   new and greatly improved business models. To achieve the   immense business benefits afforded by the IoT, you need a   highly robust and secure network infrastructure. Neutrinos can   help you to develop a new class of intelligent applications-to increase productivity without sacrificing security.

Website : www.neutrinossolutions.com


Manzoor Nazar


I am interested in projects. Please provide me complete details, if you are interested too.

Mail ma at  ap.porwal1725@gmail.com.



Hi Shivani,

We at AVK Computers Technology are equipped to provide customized IT Solutions to our clients, We have expertise in PHP, .NET, JAVA, Android Development.

Please drop mail to get in contact with us : sushant.jalgi@avk.co.in  we look forward to the opportunity.


Sushant Jalgi


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