Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I am not sure which section this question belongs to as its more of a dilemma and opportunity i seek to leverage. 

So, in 2016 i had setup a open compute HPC cluster setup in hinjewadi DC, the cluster was over 900 cores and multi TB RAM. Anyways long story short the expansion was quick we overgrew the servers within 6 months and I had to dismantle the setup. I sold of most of the setup except 8 odd nodes, the gigabit switch etc. 

Now 2019, the nodes still lie idle in office  eating dust literally. I didnt use it for more than 6 mths and since then in my office. I plan to shift office but to be honest selling those machines is not something i want to do. Those machines are much more worth and powerful than than the quote received also I am sure a good entrepreneur can do wonders with it. I dont want to sell them but nor do i want to donate them. 

The machine configuration each node

32 thread xeon server 28 GB RAM DDR3, 256GB SSD. 1gbps network ports. Headless servers. I have 8 such nodes and the 56 port gigabit switch.

The best part is each node consumes just 350watts, thtsts the efficiency of these machines. But as stated headless so its not a normal server. Some tech experience is needed to handle these.  

So here i am willing to offer this machine to some good worth while project new startup idea, business idea etc not in exchange for money, but probably some partnership or anything that offers me something thats worth the setup.   A similar setup wwill cost upwords of 5-6L even second hand. 

Look forward to some ideas or recommendations


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Hi Krunnal,

I have an business idea which I had been working in the past, please share your contact details to initiate the discussion. You can contact me on 9623113594


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