Here's a very informative and motivating business magazine for you, the "Corporate Citizen" - The Cool Side of Business!

Being published fortnightly, it has been the most selling magazine till now. 
"Corporate Citizen" is highly recommended for students, people who wish to enter the corporate world, the job seekers and businessmen, too. 
The *Corporate Citizen* magazine consists of: 
▪ Interviews of great business tycoons of our nation.
▪ Stories of Successful Ex-servicemen in the industry.
▪ Regular column by Corporate leaders.
▪ Regular column by Income tax commissioner.
▪ Regular column by leading financial consultant, Dr. Anil Lamba.
▪ Story of a Dynamic duo.
▪ Industrial Case studies.
And much more..!
It is majorly subscribed by most people of the corporate world. Many schools, educational institutions and organisations have already subscribed to it, that too in huge numbers. 
If you wish to show your interest, please let me know. The details of the magazine subscription will be discussed with you later on the request. 
If you think anybody among your family or acquaintances, who is interested to acquire knowledge about corporate world, or he/she is already in the industry, please do recommend this magazine by forwarding this information. 
You may also have anyone among your friends and colleagues, who may find this magazine useful and informative. 
Please let them know about this popular business magazine by recommending the same and help them to gain accurate corporate knowledge. 
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or e-mail at

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