We (Acism) are a software technology company. We have a completely Linux setup and have been working with open source languages, frameworks and products for a few years.

I would like to announce my availability for up to 2 hrs / week to advise startups in the area of how open source may work for them. Interested startups kindly send me a message to set up an appointment.

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Thanks for your Time and efforts Ashish 

PLease let me know when you're conducting one such session, I would love to attend.

Good to hear from you Manish. How are you doing?

There is no set time. It all would depend on the request and then I would schedule it based on mutual convenience.

Please keep me also in the loop, I am also very much interested to attend this session.

I would also be interested to attend, if you are planning for such a session.

Hi Ashish,

I have a start-up of my own and like you said in your recent blog being a non-techie , I am facing some problem on technical aspects. Our website: www.rldms.com.  I would like to have a word with you regarding this. Your guidance would definitely prove valuable as how to go about this. Let me know if I can have any appointment of yours. 


Prathemesh Apte

Hi Prathamesh, I seem to have missed your post. I see that two months


Please let me know when you can arrange session on Saturdays or Sundays. We are interested in open source technology development. We already have expertise in Linux and we want more knowledge in terms of programming like Ruby on rails, python, etc. Please let me know when you have time for session.

Thanks & regards,

Abhijit Shelar

Mirai Global Software Pvt. Ltd.



In the session I do not teach how to do open source technology development -- there are ample resources online for the same. However, I help companies discover how a combination of open source tools and technologies may help them.

Ashish , Can we connect sometime in coming week , as per your convenience 

Sure Sandeep. I am sharing my contact number with you.

Thanks Ashish,

When can we meet ?


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