Sharing Expertise with Startups | 'Office Hours' for Finance, Marketing, Legal, Design, Funding & more.

Do you need access to expertise in specific areas outside your own domain?

I think we can help you. Experts from the Pune Open Coffee Club have stepped up to offer 'Office Hours' where they meet with you 1:1 to discuss your pain points.

If you'd like to see an Office Hours not listed here, leave a comment with this thread and we will try to get it setup.

Here's a summary of all the Office Hours sessions. Click through on the selected posts below to reach the correct experts in their respective discussion threads.

If you would like to create your own Office Hours and share your expertise.

Simply add a post in the forum and mention your background, area of expertise, any expectations that you have from attending startups, and how startups can reach you directly.

Email me when you've created the post and I will include it here in this master thread. Thank you for providing this valuable service.

Best regards,
Santosh Dawara.
santosh at tinkeron (dot) com.

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And so how do we reach to you, to seek this guidance & support ?

Do you also help us to get funding for non-product ventures ?

As we need the small funding, what do we do ?

Kindly provide us your contact details to reach to you

& all possible options for the support we need.

Thanks & Regards,

                              - Kabir


Hi Kabir,

For funding needs,

I'd request you to post an introduction of your venture, the funding you require, any other details, such as the background of the founders in the forum.

Best regards,


Hi Kabir,

Further to what Santosh wrote, we are on the lookout for prospective investors and organize investor meets as an opportunity presents itself. In February there were two of them. Such meets are announced here and over google groups.


Hello Santosh, 

So how does this thing work. How do I contact people. 



Hi Chaitannya, Kabir,

Click through on each of the links. The experts have given instructions in each post on how to get in touch with them.

Best regards,


Hi Santosh - great initiative of "office hours"... Let me know how I can extend and offer my support to these start-ups.

My profile is attached herewith giving glimpse of the expanse of experience.

Will be glad to mentor start-ups on range of business issues.


Amit Chuttar




Hi Amit, Feel free to start your thread and I'll loop it in here.

Best regards,


Hi Santosh,

I would like to offer mentorship for start-ups, under your "office-hours" initiative. Please check details in the attachment.

Thanks and Regards

Ravi Natu

Aundh, Pune, 411007, India | +919822057682 |


To resolve any queries on finance, accounts, tax and company law, pose your query in this forum and I shall answer the query and offer solutions wherever required. Available at POCC on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Understand how to:

Outsource accounts and get access to all your real-time financial data at the click of the mouse with cloud based accounting software.

How to save taxes and get efficient tax planning for your startup or even individual.

Hi Priyanka,

 Thanks for offering to help the community members with your expertise. I suggest you start a separate thread in the forum and I'll add it here. This way more people will be aware of the help you are offering, and you can connect and engage directly with the members.


I am interested to start up in fashion. I am a non technical. I want to make the apps for that I have to required your guidance.

Thanks & Regards,



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