Hello folks,
After working in startups for nine long years, I am embarking on my first sabbatical :o)
Apart from the usual start-upy stuff (products, hiring, processes, etc) I have been primarily involved in the back-end server side of things and dev-ops duties.
Hence, I have a fair bit of experience in building services and scaling them in the cloud.
In my last start-up (ex YC), in which I ran products and engineering - we have had the opportunity to build games (iOS & Android) which have seen many millions of downloads and built web services which have seen over a million and a half requests / hour.
I am by no means an expert - but have a fair bit of experience in doing these things.
The reason that I am writing in is to offer office hours (similar to: http://officehours.ie/this Thursday and Friday (14th and 15th of May) in which I'd be happy to share my experience with startups out there who have questions in these areas.
I realize that lots of early stage startups have questions about cloud services (Amazon EC2, VPC, etc) and I'd be happy to share my experience and learnings.
Other than this, I can also help answer queries around the app / games eco system in iOS, Android, Amazon, etc. and tools and processes that have made our lives easier.
I am already meeting a few folks this Thu, Fri and would be happy to hang around longer if anyone wants to drop by!
So here are the list of available slots:
Thu, 14 June 2015 - Starbucks, Aundh (ITI Road)
Fri, 15 June 2015 - Starbucks, Viman Nagar (Phoenix Market City)
To RSVP, please select one of the available slots and shoot me an email with your name and maybe a sentence or two on what you want to discuss so that we not only start our conversation earlier, but I can also prepare better :P
- Saurabh

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