Join me in welcoming our new members who have introduced themselves here and introduce yourself as well.

Did you just join in on

Introduce yourself on this thread, here are some ideas that you can mention:

* who you are.

* what you are building.

* your professional background.

* what areas you specialize in.

* anything else you feel would be useful for the starter audience here.

* any questions you have about this community.

Best regards,


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This is Suraj, a just passed IT graduate, a learner and an Entrepreneur in making (hope so),,

Having good command over HTML,CSS,PHP,JavaScript and Wordpress.

Willing to stick to some start up for 2-3 years to gain some awesome knowledge.

With a dream of "SUN WILL RISE AGAIN", I am moving.

A great group, Do let me know whenever there is get together or some meet.


Hi Suraj,

 Welcome to the community. Do check the events page to know when we have meetup. We will also send you an email whenever there is a meetup so you know about it.

All the best for your future and hope you startup on your own soon!

Nikhil (Community Evangelist and Admin)

Hi Guys,

    I am a software developer and architect - have worked in many IT companies (small to giants) - Two years ago me and a friend from Bangalore started our first venture.

The product automates clinical drug trials - I designed and translated my friend's paper vision to an actual product - wrote most of the code - it was a roller-coaster ride - great fun - also carried a large sense of overall responsibility...

    Last January while sitting with an accountant friend of mine - what he needed was not available as off-the-shelf component - so I started developing it - mainly to exercise the RAD tools - the first version is deployed - I see a lot of potential in this product...

     Many thanks to Ashish Belagali who told me about pune startups - this place rocks!!!

Guys, let us connect - You can write to me at atul [DOT] khot ATT gmail [DOT] com

Looking forward ;-)

--- cheerio atul

Good to see you join us here Atul. Looking forward to your active participation.

Hello Everyone!

I have two start-ups

1) Bhoomi: which is into Environment Awareness, Ecological Consulting, Ecological Landscaping and Wildlife Conservation through Media. Here is link to our FB page: and our spot message video on youtube:

2) 21 Frames Photography: Through which we provide services such as Wedding Photography, Events, Interior-Exterior Photography,  Portfolio shoot, Product shoot and Still Photography-Making for Movies. Till date we have covered still photography and Making of 5 Marathi movies. Here is link to our FB page:

Bhoomi provides consultation services for Ecological Landscaping of Plots/HomeGardens/Farm houses and Environmental Education and Awareness program- Planning and Implementation.


Mandar Kulkarni.

Dear All,

I am a professional with 7+ years experience in Sales and Marketing.Since I am looking after International IT Services since 2 years.

I can share my knowledge on below points

- Business Development on Elance and Guru Portal.

- Building Portfolio for Marketing.

- Writing Proposal.

- Communication with International Clients.

- Do's and Dont's on Elance and Guru Portal.

- Guidance in Team Hiring and Management

Please contact me if any one is interested to avail my services as a consultant.


Deepak Kadam


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