Join me in welcoming our new members who have introduced themselves here and introduce yourself as well.

Did you just join in on

Introduce yourself on this thread, here are some ideas that you can mention:

* who you are.

* what you are building.

* your professional background.

* what areas you specialize in.

* anything else you feel would be useful for the starter audience here.

* any questions you have about this community.

Best regards,


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Thank you! Which ventures are you working on?

Best regards,


Look forward to meeting with you on Saturday. Can you make it?

Gaurav - I am looking for some help with my new venture. How can I get in touch with you?

Thank you, Ninad

Hello everyone!!

I have 1 start-ups and 1 early stage something in payment processing. We are end to end in information security, forensics, fraud management and investigation, security audits which includes securing of code, Networks, Infrastructure, Applications (Mobile), Web sites/portals, Wireless (Wi-Fi), also in to compliance like ISMS (ISO 27001/2), PCI DSS, PA DSS, BCP, DR, and much more anything and everything you could think of in information security.

I am working with clients from Banking, Finance, Petroleum, Insurance, Retail, Merchants, Education and small startups like Software development, Web site development, Mobile development etc. as well.

Ping me for service offerings.

Let’s connect!!

Hi, I am Jodhbir Singh. I joined this week.

I am a manufacturing engineer relocated to Pune from the US last year. However, I have been working on an idea that I came up during college days. A friend of mine is helping me with it by taking care of all operations.

It is with an innovative concept of eliminating illiteracy in India.

You can find more information on the website.

Hi Jodhbir,

A powerful social initiative and welcome to Pune!

Where are you folks based out of in Pune?

I noticed that the About page and front page don't match up. The front page says One book donated, for every book purchased. The About page says 1 donated for every 3 purchased. Could be a typo?

What are your current challenges?

Would you find it beneficial to tie up with These guys ensure that school kids get a Kindle pre-filled with books. The incremental costs for an ebook is zero, which is why I thought this might be a direction that'd be interesting to you.

Best regards,

Santosh Dawara.

Thank Santosh,

My friend, who runs the operation is based in the US. I just help in getting some connections with schools. I am based in Pune. 

Thank for telling me about the error in the ratio. I will get it fixed. We have started with 1:3, but came down to 1:1 ratio so probably missed it.

Our currently challenge is to increase our sales for which we are trying different things... out of which some are working and other not..... so we are experimenting.... however we are not spending any huge money on marketing... if you have notices we already have got more than 5K fans on facebook ( used fb markting)... but we want to spread the word around as much as we can.

Yes, We are aware of they are doing a great job..... I think we are quite new in this category and need sometime to test our model.   



Hi Jodhbir,

Do checkout Its a Pune based startup making books more interactive. They were one of the finalist in PuneConnect which happened last week. Really liked what they are doing as it will make book reading more exciting.

Hope this helps.



Thank Atul,

I did contact the founder of mangoreader once.. but have not been able to meet in person. I will surely get in touch with them.


Hi Jodhbir,

Nice Initiatives.  Keep it going.

Let me know if I can be of any help?



Hi All,

I am Amit Joshi, Had been working since last 15 Years in with couple of MNC's  in the field of Corporate Sales (in and around western India)  based in pune planned to quit job to start own company ( Trading, Marketing & Sales) by Jan 2013 so yet exploring opportunities available in the market (in and around western India).


Amit Joshi

My Handheld -9370555100

Hello Amit,

Nice to hear from you for a new start-Up. Congrats N Best of Luck for the future Planning.

In which Venture are you looking to start-Up.  


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