Segmentors Creative Services is a group of freelancers started by a bunch of passionate creative artists. We provide a range of services for companies requiring digital illustration for a host of creative purposes. We mainly specialize in producing/ creating a 2D/3D animated clips.
We also provide various creative services which range from making of websites to logo designing.

To provide the entire gamut of creative services at affordable prices using ingenious talent to companies both big and small from diverse sectors is our main objective.

We have created a new kind of services called COMPANY SERVICE PICTURE ILLUSTRATION, a new alternative medium to portray their business concepts effectively through animation.


Thought Process behind logo designing

When we got a green signal from POCC for logo designing, it was right a challenge for us. The name "Pune OpenCoffee Club", itself is so creative and different from the group.

The idea behind designing logo was it should reflect a corporate look, at the same time it should be catchy. We wanted the logo to imitate the name of the group.

Hence we decided played with many shapes of coffee mug along with alphabets.  And selected the simplistic design among all.

As far as colors were concerned, use of natural coffee color was preferred and then we tried various color combination s with coffee color as a base.

We're glad that our logo will be used for the POCC.

Logo designing is far challenging as long as mixture of inventiveness and commercial attractive look is concerned.


Why you would like to give POCC a new logo?
POCC has contributed a lot in unifying all the start up companies. At the same time, it helped Segmentors in bringing many clients which were start up companies itself. So as being a member we felt like contributing our talent to POCC. We are sure that in long term run, POCC will grow to large known group in which companies as well as whole group as such will flourish

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Awesome..loved it :)

Hello Everyone,

From  bottom of our heart, every Segmentorian wants to thank all for sharing their opinion about logo.

The simple thought process is making simple logo displaying  name .

But normally, everyones liking and choice of colors and definition of 'professional work ' defers.

Rite now for display big size has been created later for visiting card small one can be prepared. :)

First, we all need to appreciate the spirit in which Sanika contributed to the group. Kudos for that.

As with any work, there would be people who like the logo and those who feel improvements are needed. If we keep feeding our positive criticism to Sanika, then she and her team may be able to come up with something better. Other designers in the group may want to contribute as well.

However, before making anybody work further, let's brainstorm within the group:

  1. Are we (the POCC) in need of a logo in the first place? Why?
  2. If yes, what would be the purpose? For instance: is it going to be printed on visiting cards?



Really Impressive

Like the Curve and the Subject nicely adapted to the Site

The two color scheme is a little dull, may be brighter combination could be brought up

Overall great Concept Liked it

Extremely sorry for late reply. Well in between was inactive on POCC due to hectic work schedule. But really thanks a lot for your support and feedback.


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