Segmentors Creative Services is a group of freelancers started by a bunch of passionate creative artists. We provide a range of services for companies requiring digital illustration for a host of creative purposes. We mainly specialize in producing/ creating a 2D/3D animated clips.
We also provide various creative services which range from making of websites to logo designing.

To provide the entire gamut of creative services at affordable prices using ingenious talent to companies both big and small from diverse sectors is our main objective.

We have created a new kind of services called COMPANY SERVICE PICTURE ILLUSTRATION, a new alternative medium to portray their business concepts effectively through animation.


Thought Process behind logo designing

When we got a green signal from POCC for logo designing, it was right a challenge for us. The name "Pune OpenCoffee Club", itself is so creative and different from the group.

The idea behind designing logo was it should reflect a corporate look, at the same time it should be catchy. We wanted the logo to imitate the name of the group.

Hence we decided played with many shapes of coffee mug along with alphabets.  And selected the simplistic design among all.

As far as colors were concerned, use of natural coffee color was preferred and then we tried various color combination s with coffee color as a base.

We're glad that our logo will be used for the POCC.

Logo designing is far challenging as long as mixture of inventiveness and commercial attractive look is concerned.


Why you would like to give POCC a new logo?
POCC has contributed a lot in unifying all the start up companies. At the same time, it helped Segmentors in bringing many clients which were start up companies itself. So as being a member we felt like contributing our talent to POCC. We are sure that in long term run, POCC will grow to large known group in which companies as well as whole group as such will flourish

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Loved the new logo and the thought process behind the creativity. Awesome...
Good one
Liked it :) Keep rocking POCC and Segmentors! :)
Awesome Logo design ! Love it.

Good Design..


ya, I liked it.
nice creativity... good one

The new logo may look good for a designing company.

But for our club we need something Simple, Sober & the logo should make its presence felt.

I am not very much impressed with logo. Does not seems to be made by professional and is bit childish. I dont want to criticize but it should be more creative.

What is more important? Create the logo and let the people feel it's presence with a long lasting memory quotient ? Or create the service first and then let the logo be it's brand to carry the memory quotient?

I wonder, why don't the critics coming up with some Proof of Concept or does they think it's childish?  :D :D :D



I appreciate the effort and thought behind creating the logo.  It is definitely a creative logo. 

Since the purpose of a logo is to provide an easily identifiable image for the brand, the following points should be kept in mind, which I feel have been missed

  • Logo should be unique, i.e if everyone in the industry uses a coffee cup as a symbol, then one can try to use something different to stand out. 
  • It is too complicated for someone who is not aware of Pune Open Coffee Club to understand or decipher in a short while
  • It will not be legible when it is reduced in size to say fit on a business card
  • Use of too many fonts to define one name - hence it creates a scattered and not unified image
  • Four colors used which will make it difficult to replicate in different print formats
  • It should be clearly visible in light as well as dark backgrounds.  So in this case, it will be necessary to keep it on a white background only

Just a few points that all should consider while designing or getting their logos designed. Hope Segmentors team takes this as constructive feedback and not criticism.  Happy designing guys and keep up the good work!!


It's nice. But I think it's a bit too big.


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