Need to Develop a non profit portal and iphone application for reporting and tracking issues related to Roads of Pune

Hi All,


I would appreciate any help to develop an portal similar to and a smart phone app for the same for Pune. The source code of the old version is available (iphone app)


Anyone who would like to join in this cause




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Hello Ajay,

Like the idea. It is really good. But do you have access to Geo coding data of Pune? Or Know any source to get map and geo coding information of Pune?

In addition to this I think the website can help a lot with traffic problems. Anyone can name and shame the offenders by uploading the photograph of evidence. Pune has got india's largest number of traffic rule offenders.


brilliant idea @ Ajay...

if u want u can get help of SPTM- Save Pune Traffic Movement, they can guide u in this work...


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