Hey guys,

I need some help related to a startup I am being involved in.

Here is the scenario. I am running a small service based company for one year now and delivered on some good products. To look for further work and collaboration I met the CEO of one of the companies my friend works in.

This CEO gave us a problem statement and asked us to come up with a PoC and implementation plan. We were able to successfully deliver on this.

After seeing our initial Demo and explaining him the plan he was impressed and said he will fund this idea. He said we will float a new company and he will invest in it.

Now our question is what exactly should we expect from him? How much of investment should we expect, what is the share in the company we should expect? Here we are just the technical partners and this guy is the one responsible for the idea and will be the one bringing in the clients. So we do understand our share will be very less. But how much exactly should we bargain for is the question.

Can you guys help.

Thank you,


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