I am Swapnil, an Engineer by profession and works for MNC in Pune. A friend of mine who is IIM Ahmedabad pass out and was in US for 9 years has moved to India and expanding his project here. Just wanted to check with you if you are looking for something to do without disturbing your job and without any investment then please share your number and current location so that I can help you meet him.

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Hi Swapnil,

I would be glad to take on the opportunity of meeting your friend and you in person and discuss about the opportunity that you hold and how I can be part of it or can contribute to the same.

You may reach me on my cell no. +91 9860256454.

Best Regards,


Hi swapnil sir, you can drop me a mail on mishraaparna93@gmail.com.
Thanks and regards.
Hi Swapnil,
we can meet and discuss more on opportunity. I am pretty interested in contributing towards the goal.

You can reach me on +919960843537

Best Regards,
Hi Swapnil,

I am looking forward for the opportunity.

You can reach me at nidthakkar@gmail.com

Dear Swapnil,

I am interested. You please drop me a mail to gurushankar.m@gmail.com with all the details. 



Hello Sir ,

This is  Nilesh interested in your proposal.I want more info about that ...

Nilesh - 9960288730


Hello Swapnil,

Greetings to you!

I would like to hear from you or your friend and extend my help for testing/QA activities if required.

Kindly reply at:


91 8888855064.





Hello, I want to ask , in which domain or say business area does your friend wants to develop his/her business

Hey Swapnil,

Could you let me know a bit about the opportunity.

you can email me at sideshk@yahoo.com or contact at 9960129919


Hello swapnil,

i am quite excited about the opportunity that you hold and would like to be part of it.

you can reach me on my cell +918793700526 Or  email - n.Devgire@gmail.com

Regards ,

Nikhil D


I am interested to discuss the things. My contact details are 08600555689 and pravinbiyani2006@gmail.com

Hi Swapnil,
we can meet and discuss more on opportunity. i am living pune.

You may reach me on my cell no. +91 9049903164.

Best Regards,



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