Dear all,

Myself and a friend of mine (Shantanu) together have developed a Test Management Tool with the following capabilities:

 # Raise Defects

# Manage Defect Life Cycle

# Notify all stakeholders about New/Changes in Defects

# Track Defects as per one’s criteria.

# Keep track of changes made by anyone and everyone

# Generate Customized Defect Reports and Export to Excel

# Upload Test Case directly from Excel Template

# Pull Test Cases directly from Previous Projects to New Project/Version

# Add/Delete New/Existing Test Cases as per the need

# Modify Test Cases directly in the Test Cases

# Attach Testing Evidences

# Manage Test Case Execution Life Cycle

# Simple Dashboard providing Snap-shot of pending/completed tasks of each tester

# Directly Assign Test Cases to Testing Members

# Generate customized Test Execution Reports

# Create New Users and provide desired Access

# Extremely simple & user friendly interface

# Highly affordable


Looking for clients, any partner in selling of the same, any other business proposition, any help in lead etc.

Kindly email or call

Shiv Kumar: +91-9595329924

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Hi Shiv,

The product sounds good , by the details you've mentioned. I would be interested in seeing a demo of your product and having a hands on testing.

You can email me the demo link at -


Sumit Rathore

R S Inc.

You can find the demo at

Username: tester

Password: testcare123

Hi, We are pune based newly encorporated company focusing marketing activities.

I will be interested to know more about your idea.

You can get in touch with on by mail.



It says, TestCare is Expired. Please get it renewed... could you please let me know once its renewed ?

Hi Ajay,

Its renewed.. Please have a look and let me know if you have any queries related to it.



Its Free!!!!


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