Hi all,
I am Kapil Khangaonkar. I am a Business development manager at an IT company in pune and have over 4 yrs of experience. I am planning to start something in finance domain in next 2-3 yrs and need some ideas. I have finance back ground and education. I have completed MBA finance. Please let me know if you have something in your mind.Thanks a lot for any help.


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Few questions before I could help you out.
1. Are you looking for a seed funding or you have your own money deposits to be used?
2. You want to target which audience?
I am open to seed funding. I am planning for 1:5 fund ratio, where, seed or loan or angle investment would be 5 times my own capital. Although would this matter to generate an idea?
I would go for a B2C or B2B, any kind of business. That all again depends on the idea. let me know if you have ANY sort of thought in your mind.

thanks a lot for any help. :)
Hi Kapil - I guess
a. it would be better if you join a finance co., broker or a PE firm as mid/junior or any role where you get to see the biz more closely and develop your own ideas. Then decide to do something in one of those ..
b. If you are a BD /sales guy, maybe it would be good partnering with a finance guy who has some ideas and you focus on selling (which anyway is reqd for any venture).
c. Lastly finance is a huge area (equities /fixed income/FX to corporate finance/accounting) and again has business side and IT side in it. So depends on where to look for the next opportunity but either of above a. or b. could help you tap some core area in it.
Financing etc would come later once you yourself are convinced about the idea and the potential.
my 2 cents of opinion ..
wish you all the best.
-- sunil


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