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The modern workplace is all about people! And people are all about interpersonal relations.

Despite us knowing this fact, people issues continue to be the leading reasons for companies failing.

Before starting up, I've worked for 11.5 yrs and been in team leading roles for 10 of these years, with team sizes varying from 15 to 250 folks. Domains included Software ODC teams, BPO support teams, ERP management teams and such. The learning I gained from these people interaction roles are way too many to list here.

But the issues remain the same - transparency, unclear roles, bias, feedback delivery and so on.

In the spirit of helping fellow start-ups - who might be facing people issues or those struggling to find some fresh/external - here are a few of the things I can help you with:

1.  Designing accurate Job Descriptions -  So you have an answer when asked "What all am I supposed to do?" 

2.  Roles and Responsibility grid development -  Closely linked to the first point - who does what? What is the spillover plan? Who's accountable when things go south? 

3. Metrics driven Incentive structure design - Develop a transparent, metric driven incentive structure - be it for individual contributors or same task teams. Weed out all doubts in people's minds.

4.  Creative Reward & Recognition program design - R&R's work great for driving short term goals. But should they be only about metrics? Or should intangibles also count? The results are always surprising

5.  Measure and score In-tangibles grid -  "What have you done to help us grow?" "Do you have the mindset to be with us after 2 years" - Ask these questions, score them and provide crisp inputs to your people - so they adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset.

These 5 have a direct impact on Motivation, building loyalty, driving growth and bringing down attrition. 

Ping me on samraat.deol@gmail.com if you feel you need some help with these issues. Discussion, meeting up and idea brainstorming are all on the house :-)



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